Lamborghini – Urus New Car Launch

Supercars are amazing to capture on any camera, we were lucky enough to be invited along at the launch party for the new Lamborghini Urus in Chemlsford Essex. The evening started well with well in excess of 7 million pounds worth of cars arriving to attend this great event. From a live DJ to the most coolest saxophone player along with the new Urus logo in block ice mixed in with some mood lighting set the evenings night club theme. Lamborghini certainly know how to put on a party even at a new car launch event.

Our role was to capture the evenings event through the lens and deliver both a teaser highlights video along with still photography for use of social media and press releases. The event was also to raise awareness of the brand new dealership opening in Chelmsford Essex. Lamborghini are truly a supercar brand and this was a honour for us to come up with the goods and deliver.

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