Bentley Showroom Opening Event

BENTLEY OPENING SHOWROOM EVENT – TUNBRIDGEWELLS KENT The brand new Bentley showroom opening event was the location for this particular shoot. We captured every exquisite detail at this impressive Bentley dealership in Kent. The evening showcased the brand new Continental GT car which pulled in existing and potential customers towards the prestigious legend brand of […]

Kisaco Research

KISACO RESEARCH Kisaco Research deliver intensively heavily researched conference events within a array of sectors such as the Healthcare, Digital Pharma and Digital industries. We have over the past few years created various branded documents and logo brands towards their ongoing and growing portfolio of events. We also create various event brochure documents along with […]

Cambria Automobiles Conference Campaigns

CAMBRIA AUTOMOBILES CONFERENCE CAMPAIGNS Cambria host their annual corporate conference which highlights and brings together their industry leaders. I Designs not only shoot and edit the event but also create the full conference theme branding along with conference signage both for print and online. All printing is created in house which you can view a […]

Shift Conference Event Conference

SHIFT CONFERENCE EVENT EMAIL, VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY CAMPAIGNS We attend the Cambria conference each year and create both the onsite branding / visual concepts along with the stage screen visuals. IDesigns also create the full event branding and produce an annual report teaser video on how the group is performing, this involves pre-recording of interviews […]