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Videography / Motion Graphics Production

Our video production and post production services include full production services, 2D and 3D animation, visualisation, motion graphics, visual effects, compositing, colour grading, video production branding, video awareness mobile app and social media viral campaigns. We also have access to a huge number of actors and directors plus our motion graphics team can bring your ideas to life.

Motion graphics combines creative design with animation and video, a powerful tool to use to capture someone’s attention and spark their interest in your company or idea. Motion graphics help us to get the attention of the viewer. They are a simple way to communicate a strong message simply and clearly. They are not just there to make your video look pretty, they are a great way to get your communication across to your customers in an exciting and engaging way.


Drone Operators

High quality drones operators are more accessible than ever before, and it seems as though it would be easy to get one and shoot your own videos. However getting the relevant pilot’s licence, learning how to fly a drone, editing videos and getting suitable insurance may not be for you. That’s where we can help.

We have trained PfCo Pilots that can operate within a safe environment and handle everything from an initial risk assessment through to site survey. Fully insured, they will carry out a controlled operation following industry set strict laws and guidelines.

Event Videography & Photography

We produce engaging corporate event videos, effective commercial productions and event videography across a wide range of industry sectors and brands for online, social media and TV. Marketing videos need to fit in with your brand identity, further influencing your reputation in the business world. Through video, you can establish credibility and trust with potential clients, allowing you to demonstrate the benefit of using your company in ways that photos and text alone can’t.

Corporate / Promotional Videography

We also produce engaging corporate videos for a variety of industry sectors and brands. We work closely with our clients to understand their message objectives to create the best concept with the highest production values. We can manage everything from an initial storyboard through to onsite filming. Our team of professional editors then take the footage and transform this into an engaging and captivating cinematic short film, connecting your customers to your brand messaging.

YouTube and Social Media Marketing

With over six billion hours of video watched every month, YouTube has cemented its position as the top search engine video sharing website in the world. It pulls in more searches than Bing, Yahoo!, AOL and Ask combined. We can help you enhance your search ability with YouTube marketing.

 Since it is owned by Google, YouTube videos are often displayed among Google search results and you’ll only maximise your visibility by investing in video optimisation and marketing on your YouTube channel. We have the tools and tricks that will help you leap to the top of the search results within YouTube which in turn will drive brand awareness, push more website traffic your way and help you grow your business.

Brand Identity

ypically network solutions require you to invest in additional networking hardware which complicates the installation process and the overall system. Our screens have an integrated Android network media playermaking installation easy and straightforward.

Hardware and software usually come from different sources which can result in confusion and conflict when identifying any potential faults. In contrast any issues with our screens or digital signage software will be dealt with directly by us so you have one supplier for one successful solution.

We can supply or hire out large freestanding advertising screens. These are an effective way of engaging customers with big brand messaging that can we can control for you remotely. We can also set up timed slot advertising on these screens.

Connectivity: Built in Wi-Fi connect wirelessly or via ethernet LAN Cable, USB ports also available.

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